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Foundation Course in Jewellery

  • Foundation Course for Jewellery
  • Basic Jewellery Designing at IIGJ-TARDEO

Course Name : Foundation Course for Jewellery

Duration : 120 Hrs

Entry Qualification : Minimum 8th Std.


Practical :

·         Object Drawing according to light source and shading.

·         Basic Perspective Drawing

·         Nature drawing (Demonstration and Practice)

·         Colour theory (Demonstration and Practice)

·         General Anatomy of Birds, Animals (Demonstration and Practice)

·         Drawing geometrical constructions with measurements such as Parallel lines, Perpendicular lines, Bisectiing angles, Triangle, Square, Hexagon etc.

·         Geometrical designs (Demonstration and Practice)

·         Design from Natural elements (Demonstration and Practice)

·         Soldering practice (Demonstration and Practice) copper band making project

·         Piercing technique (Demonstration and Practice) 1 project

·         Engraving Practice, use of only one graver

Theory :

·         Basics of Metallurgy

·         Difference between Metals and Non-metals

·         Properties of Metals used in the jewellery like Hardness, Ductility, and Malleability etc.

·         Tools used in the jewellery and their usage

·         Safety measures taken while making jewellery like for Torch using Chemicals etc.

·         Dimensions used in the jewellery

·         What is Soldering?

·         Practical considerations during soldering

·         Introduction for different stones used in the jewellery and its cuts and shapes

·         How t melt the Metals

·         Necessity for Alloying?

·         Rolling mill (operation and use)

·         Wire Drawing machine (operation and use)

·         Use of files

·         What is polishing and necessity for polishing.




·       Introduction to jewellery designing

·       Diamond theory

·       Different type of gemstones

·       Types of metal and materials used in jewellery

·       Different type of settings

·       Jewellery manufacturing techniques

·       Introduction to linkings

·       Form development and design application

·       Different type of jewellery products

·       History of jewellery

·       Designing jewellery according to markets

·       Portfolio making